Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: Inspiration

I have to give props to the blog Retro Renovation for giving me most of my inspiration.  There is so much goodness on that blog, it's kinda mind blowing.  Anyway, I wanted to share the image that convinced me to paint hundreds of little diamonds on my kitchen soffits (stolen from RR).

I love two things about this kitchen - the yellow countertops, the diamonds on the soffit, and the simple curtain over the window. Yellow is my current favorite color and I think it will give my kitchen a nice cheerful glow.  The jury is still out on whether or not I will be adding the aluminum trim to the counters.  My husband thinks it will look like a 50s diner but I really like it.  I especially like the use of the trim between the counter and the backsplash.  

The one thing I find interesting is the combo of brown and yellow in this image.  I've seen this combo "in the wild" too.  I don' really care for these two colors together but they seem to have been popular at one time.

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