Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adventures in Vegas: Not the Trip Most People Would Take

This past weekend, I drove the 385 miles south to Las Vegas.  The DH and I were desperately in need  of some R&R.  Having lived in Vegas briefly, we didn't take the "normal" Vegas vacation.  Rather, we revisited places we enjoyed while we lived there.  Both of us are fond of history and natural resources, so our trip revolved around checking out museums.  Aren't we just a couple of wild and crazy kids?  Anyway, I spotted a few things along the way that I thought were blog worthy.

I actually have to give props to the DH for spotting the first gems of the trip:

These two restroom signs were at the Mineral County courthouse in Hawthorne.  We stopped so the DH could pay a speeding ticket - ahem!  Anyway, I think the signs are darling.  

This motel sign was in Luning (or was it Mina?).  I love the little atomic stars. 

 For me, the one destination I was looking most forward to was the Clark County Museum in Henderson. 

Inside the museum with their regular exhibits, I found this little metal cabinet with pink and gold fleck laminate top.  In nice shape too!

The highlight of the Clark County Museum is an entire street of real houses saved from destruction in Las Vegas.  Each one is from a different decade of the 20th century and decorated accordingly.

This house was built by the U.S. Govt.  in 1941 for workers in the magnesium plant in Henderson.  When you go inside, it's obvious is was meant as temporary housing.  This one was occupied up until the 1980s, so much for being "temporary."

Here's the little kitchen.  By the way, I apologize for the quality of some of the photos, the rooms were closed off with plexiglass so it was tricky getting photos that didn't have reflections in them.  

This house was the coolest in terms of fun mid century features.  The house was built in the early 1930s but was redecorated in the 1940s-1950s.  A lot of what is in the house is original.

Two views of the living room when you first step into the house.  Sorry about the creepy mannequins.  I wish I'd gotten a closeup of the curtains, they're quite cool.

Views of the kitchen and dining room.  That linoleum is wonderful.  Also love the breakfast nook with the dinette.

The bathroom could be the piece de resistance though.  Check out the floor tiles and how they match the color and pattern of the wall tiles.  Also love the sink skirt.

This house is from Boulder City, dating to the 1930s when they were building Boulder Dam.

Views of the kitchen and bathroom with matching yellow and black tile.

Early "motor camp" cabin with fun "western" furniture.

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