Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: A Whole New Plan

Previously I went a little OCD on figuring out what pattern of VCT I wanted for my kitchen floors.  Well, despite a lot of time fooling around with patterns and colors, I've scrapped the whole plan and have decided to go with Marmoleum instead.  Last week, I order four samples of Marmoleum and I totally dig the look, color, and sustainability of the stuff.  Below are the four samples I ordered.

Herb Garden

Fresh Fountain

Spring Dance

Pool Party

Spring Dance and Pool Party are my two favorites.  They both match with the Nevamar countertop color I've picked, California:
In real life, California is a lot more yellow.  On my monitor it almost looks peachy but trust me, it's very yellow.

So for the past week, I've been staring at the Marmoleum samples and the various countertop samples I've ordered from Nevamar and Pionite and I think I have come with an honest to goodness plan for the kitchen.  I'll be going with Pool Party on the floor and California on the countertops.  As much as I love the colors in Spring Dance, I just don't think others will appreciate it's craziness.  I try not to think about resale value when I come up with my decorating schemes but I have a feeling Spring Dance on the floors would be a big turn off to a lot of people.  It doesn't really matter though because Pool Party looks fantastic up against my birch wood cupboards.

I was also inspired by a picture I saw on Retro Renovation that showed a kitchen with a fun argyle pattern on the soffits, which got me thinking about putting wallpaper on my own soffits.  After much searching for the wallpaper of my dreams - or at least something that would more-or-less match the floor and counter colors I've chosen - I decided that the best course of action would be to paint an argyle pattern in matching colors.  This is what I came up with using some graph paper and a ruler:

The aqua and yellow will be closely matched the floor and counters and I'll ad a bit of orange for the third color. The uncolored bits will be the same shade as the existing wall paint.  I've set myself up for a lot of taping and painting but I think the outcome will look awesome and fun.  I made a quick little mock up to see what the scale would look like on the soffit.  Pretty darn good, I think:

The pattern will be repeated the full length and height of the soffit, of course.

Here's everything overlaid on a picture of the kitchen:

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