Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tiki Paradise Guest Room

Since moving into my house 3 years ago, the smallest bedroom hasn't seen much action other than as a catch-all for stuff I don't know what to do with.  Occasionally, it's been used as a guest room but my guests have been forced to sleep on a blow up mattress among the household flotsam and jetsam.  It's not the most inviting space.

When I bought the house, the room had awful faux wood paneling on one wall.  It was plasticky and a sort of  greenish grey color.  It was icky and the second I got the keys to the house, I tore it out.  Unfortunately, it was glued to the drywall, so bits of the wall came off with the paneling and big ugly globs of yellow glue continue to mar the surface.  Initially, I had planned to replace the drywall and paint the wall an accent color, like a cheerful leafy green but I've decided to go with knotty pine instead.  I love the look of knotty pine and I think it will make my sad little guest room warm and inviting.  After deciding on knotty pine, a plan was beginning to form.

The plan really began to solidify after a recent trip to Mill End, a warehouse of a fabric store in Reno.  I was just browsing the aisles when I found an adorable cotton print that I thought would make a cute set of curtains.  The fabric is a leaf green with stylized geometric leaves in brown and blue.  Something about the fabric said "tiki" to me.  And then it hit me, I have to turn my guest room into a Tiki Paradise Guest Room.

Since my brainstorm, a couple of weeks ago, I've been dreaming about what to put in the room.  I'm going to try to avoid making it too kitschy and I'm determined to make it look tasteful.  Plus the room is actually quite small - about 10 x 12, so I can't get too carried away with decorations.  So currently the plan centers around a few key things - knotty pine paneling on one wall, curtains using my leafy fabric, a couple of pieces of mid century furniture I just bought at a second hand store, a couple of framed parrot prints, and a shag rug.  Ultimately I'd like to put a rattan chair in the room and a fun tiki/tropical inspired table lamp.  But for now, this is what I've come up with.  It's my first attempt at anything resembling a "mood board" so don't laugh.

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