Friday, January 25, 2013

Found Stuff - Flooring Remnants

I'm an avid reader of Retro Renovation and I share the same strange obsessiveness with original materials that most readers of that blog have.  So anyway, I thought I would share some photos of original materials I found right here in my own house.

One of the odd things about my house is the array of drawer and cupboard liners in the kitchen and bathrooms.  I counted seven different patterns. It appears that the liners are mostly laminate flooring remnants, although one is probably a countertop laminate.  Where they came from, I have no idea - do they represent materials used in my house?  I don't think so because my ENTIRE house is floored in the same tan and brown streaky laminate floor tiles.  Literally every room in my house is covered in the same flooring - although most of it is covered up by carpeting now.  So I'm a little at a loss about where the cupboard and drawer liners came from but I thought I would share them because they're just so darn weird.

To start with, this is the flooring that can be found throughout my house.  Not very glamorous but typical of the 1960s.

This splotchy yellow and brown pattern lives in my silverware drawer.  It's the only piece in my, erm, "collection" that has a manufacturer's mark on it.  It's an Armstong pattern.

This is one of my favorites.  I like the little gold glittery bits.  It's the most commonly used liner in my house.   

This one came as a complete shock to me because it was only used in the highest cupboards in the kitchen and I didn't realize I had it until I was investigating for this post.  Don't adjust your set!  That's what it really looks like.  I'm pretty sure this one is a countertop laminate, it's much thinner than the others.  Notice the "10'" mark - must be a builder's mark or something.

I almost didn't recognize this one because it looks a lot like another one I have.  It's pretty wacky, in my opinion.

This one seems almost sedate compared to the others.

Classic 1960s flooring.

This one is actually a pale green, I just couldn't get the right lighting on it to get the colors right.

This one is the laminate on my countertops.  I added it just because I think it's adorable.  Unfortunately, it's not in the best shape so when I remodel my kitchen, it's going to be replaced.  Sigh.

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